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leadership of the future

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

What is the one leadership quality that the world is looking for in current times? Before we address that question, it is important to understand the so called “current times”.

Current times has become challenging in all quadrants of the wellness model – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Human race has been challenged to enrich, elevate and excel. We tend to get lost especially with the attentions span that we have reached in this era of social distractions.

Current times have challenged us physically with what we went through – be it the direct impact of becoming a covid patient or just being confined to your house due to the distancing and social restrictions.

Current times have challenged us mentally by limiting our ability to grow through interactions and idea sharing sessions. More than the adults, current times challenged the growing generation by keeping them away from the schools and colleges.

Current times have challenged us emotionally by the hardships and restrictions. We have been taken through pain, sadness, disgust and depression. Some took hard measures as they were not able to cope with the challenge and some resorted to interventions to come out of the challenge or even to get past the dark mode.

Current times have challenged us spiritually by questioning our existence and reasoning the need to go through the hardships or the creator subjecting us through the test of a millennium.

This is where the leadership of the future needs our attention. Not for just a discussion, but reflecting on it and finding out where we stand in growing to be the leader of future. All the challenges discussed above have groomed the leaders to be better leaders of tomorrow. One common factor found to have given the leaders of future is “empathy”. A leader who drives this one factor as the key attribute is found to not only be considerate but accepted by the team members.

Ethiklead has contributed in grooming leaders and teams who not only is ready to be vulnerable by being empathetic but also understand the people they interact with. Coz, they listen! They look for the verbal and non verbal cues in every communication they do, be it one-on-one or one-to-many.

Ethiklead specializes in communication and leadership along with other key programs which help in grooming the leadership and team members in all areas of development – attitude, skill and knowledge.

Please feel free to let us know when to come and listen so that we can reflect on areas that will help the leaders of organization help drive the organization to achieve the business goals. We believe that doin’good starts with the leader who in turn drives the organization and the team in changing themselves in ~doin’good.

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