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transformation and innovation in 2022 and beyond

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Last 25 months have taught humanity many lessons which last 100 years may not have taught. We lost many near and dear, we survived with no interactions, we learned to bounce back! God’s grace and the basic DNA of survival has brought us back.

The pandemic took control of our business, technology, sales, HR, targets, travel, logistics and channels. While many look from the perspective of how it constrained the human race, the best view to take is the looking at how the challenges threw opportunities in forms of how you look on overcoming every block that the pandemic brought in front of us.

This is where transformation and innovation played the role of changing not just businesses but also how we reprogrammed and changed the mindset and culture of doing our business. This can be seen in every instance in human history which posed challenges and mountains of obstacles.

The protocols and restrictions opened doors of working at home, pushed the CTOs and CEOs to prioritize technological advancements which were never in the agenda, CHROs found ways on how the remote working can not only be effectively managed but can be means of optimization and productivity. Brick and mortar channels were taken over by digital apps and social handles, work life balance and not visiting others became the new normal.

Ethikcorp had its own share in helping organizations in transforming business and innovating to reach the new normal. One of the key approach was based on the values we hold dear to how we do business and help businesses – excellence.

Excellence was driven by the gap analysis in the process side through understanding of the gaps from the voices of the organization. The first step to transforming started with driving the organization to operational excellence.

Next in line is the people. With the people coming around the streamlined process, moving to next level is going to be a humongous task. Through people the change in mind set, culture and habits can be imbibed which drives to people excellence.

Once the first two steps are achieved, then we move to service excellence. This reflects on how the clients are served by happy employees leading to happy customers. Making customers happy is the best way to reach the ultimate goal of the business.

It is not the tunnel view of revenues, profits, cost savings, cutting expenses that lead us to excelling as a business. It is the service excellence that leads us to the last leg in business – the business excellence.

Our experts and specialists are a call away who will be more than happy to come and listen to you and partner to get the best transformation experience for your organization. We strongly believe in our vision by which we always do good and help you in ~doin’good.

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