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ethiksoft is the software division of the group. The division was set up to meet innovative needs of the group with already a proptech, edutech and healthtech being designed in the R&D division. ethiksoft has also been receiving requirements for development of mobile and web based solutions for clients. The solutions under development is expected to bring about user experiences in those domains which help better the lifestyle and investment tastes of our clients.

ethiksoft also solicit partnerships and joint ventures with leading solutions, which tend to change human behaviour and bring about change in how human interactions take place in various domains.

our model

software development_edited.png

our services

We are specialized in :

  • SaaS & Digital Architecture

  • App Development

  • Software Design

  • Healthtech

  • Fintech

  • Edutech

  • Digital Transformation

  • Process Automation

  • Data Management

  • Cloud Consulting

  • AI & Blockchain

  • Tech solutions

our approach

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