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Engage your audience with unique gaming solutions tailored just for you.

Where technology meets creativity.

Transforming Engagement Through Innovative Gaming Experiences

Based in Dubai, we specialize in next-gen gaming experiences, blending cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling. Our services include custom gamification solutions, VR/AR gaming, metaverse development, and cross-platform game creation. By integrating gamification into business processes and enhancing user interaction through VR and AR, we create expansive virtual worlds that elevate brand experiences and boost user engagement. Partner with us to stay ahead in the dynamic gaming industry and captivate your audience with state-of-the-art solutions.

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Our Services.

Custom Gamification Solutions: Enhance engagement and loyalty with tailored strategies.

Enterprise Gamification Systems: Increase productivity and satisfaction with gamified processes.

Educational Gamification Programs: Make learning interactive and effective through immersive experiences.

Health and Wellness Gamification Applications: Promote fitness and wellness with enjoyable games.

Virtual World Creation: Build interactive virtual environments for exploration and interaction.

Metaverse for Business: Integrate businesses for enhanced customer interaction and brand experiences.

Social VR Platforms: Create collaborative spaces for users to meet and socialize within the metaverse.

Blockchain Integration: Securely manage digital assets and transactions in virtual environments with blockchain.

Custom VR Game Development: Create immersive VR games for interactive storytelling.

AR Marketing Campaigns and Experiences: Engage consumers with memorable AR marketing.

VR Training Simulators: Develop high-fidelity simulations for professional training, like healthcare and aviation.

Interactive VR/AR Exhibitions: Design installations for engaging cultural and educational experiences.

Multiplatform Game Development: Design games for seamless experiences across mobile, PC, and consoles.

Cloud Gaming Solutions: Stream high-quality games to devices using advanced cloud technology.

Game Porting Services: Adapt games for optimal performance across platforms to reach a wider audience.

Ongoing Support and Updates: Provide maintenance and updates to improve game performance and engagement.

Why Ethikcorp?


At the heart of our division is a commitment to innovation—whether it ’s in game mechanics, storytelling, or technology.


Our team stays on the cutting edge of gaming technology, ensuring that our solutions are not just current but futuristic.


We believe in creating customized gaming experiences that meet the specific needs of our clients and their audiences.


Our expert team both on creative and storyboarding will bring life to your gamification ideas.


Whether you are looking to launch a new brand or reinvigorate an existing one, our Brand Evolution Division is ready to guide you
to success.


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